Tina Benmorad, the fashion brand built upon a family story! From a young age, Tina loved touching and feeling fabrics. She also grew up watching her grandmother as an embroidery tailor.

She is one of the newest up-and-coming designers with creative and out-of-the-box collections that are guaranteed to attract anyone.

In 2018 she established her fashion brand and started working professionally on her designs. Her biggest passion in fashion is using architectural and origami shapes to design clothes.

Her collections use several different fabrics such as leather, sequined, pleated, jean, and tulle fabric.
As an act of courage, Tina loves using neon colors and you can simply feel it in her latest collection. Her motto is, “to ensure a bright future you must look brilliant no matter what”. She has made fashion easy for everyone! Her designs are a mixture of funky, classy, chic, and elegant couture. Tina Benmorad creates statement pieces that will certainly draw attention amongst any crowd. The designer does not limit herself to a certain style of design, her mixture of color, fabrics, and cuts are for sure future trendsetters of the Middle East fashion scene.